Media Player

Media Player

The weekend message is the most important resource any church can deliver.  How the message is delivered it is as important as the time invested to create it.  The ProApps Live Media Player helps turn the valuable audio and video archive of any church into an amazing experience on any website and every device.

Video On Demand

Every week your church is creating inspiring messages. Where you store your them and how it is presented is crucial expanding their reach.  Our Media Player was crafted with purpose to exceed expectations both in the form factor your audience will see and from a technical standpoint.

Display Beautiful Graphics

Many churches today create beautiful graphics to capture the spirit of each message or series and provide a memorable visual.  Instead of using a random blurry thumbnails from the video, we empower you to infuse these beautiful graphics into our Media Player to create an enchanting environment your audience will enjoy as they playback your media.

Any Website, Every Device,
No Coding

Any Website, Every Device, No Coding
Our Media Player was designed with the flexibility to look beautiful on any website and every device.  It is 100% responsive and designed for to look amazing on every single screen no matter what device you are on.  The best part is that you don’t have to write any code to display it.

One Upload ,
Display Everywhere

Finally, you can upload your media one time to one location and have it appear everywhere.  Simply upload your artwork and video one time and let our Media Player dashboard do the rest.  Your media will conveniently display on both your website and Mobile App.

Smart Encoding

Getting media to playback both efficiently and reliably on all devices, requires some technical know-how.  With the ProApps Live Media Player, we have you covered!  Simply choose the quality of video or audio and let our Media Player do all the heavy lifting for you.

Split Audio and Video

Wouldn’t it be great if you when you upload your video, you get could back an audio version as well?  We do too.  This feature will save time and energy every week.

Mobile App Integration

As churches add new technology like mobile apps and websites, the time it takes to manage and learn each system can be a drain.  Our Media Player seamlessly integrates with our Mobile Apps making it easy to create, manage, and distribute your media on both your Mobile App and website.