Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

When we began preparing to build mobile apps for churches, we knew it had to be engaging, attractive, and easy-to-use.  Also, we wanted each one to have a powerful set of features that would add value to anyone on-the-go while complimenting the church’s existing experiences.  The results were amazing!

Experience a mobile app that combines fluid a design with seamless transitions while adding a variety of original features found only with ProApps Live.

Engaging throughout the week and during live events has never been easier.

Audio & Video Archives

Access your entire audio and video archive at home or on the go.  Simply, upload your media to one location and view it on your app and your website.  One step upload allows you to submit one video and automatically create a playable audio version as well.

Advanced Push Notifications

Send a push notification to everyone using the app in seconds.  But what if you want to send it to a specific group of people like: men, women, youth, missions, parents, volunteers.  You can do that too!  You create the categories and each person using your app gets to choose exactly which notifications they receive.


Live Hashtag*

Take your congregation social during live events with our Live Hashtag tool. Create and schedule a unique # for your church to use at all of your live events. Then your members can use the app to post to Facebook and Twitter or read what everyone else is posting. You can also create moderators that can promote the best posts to a custom church feed in the app.

*Exclusive to ProApps Live

Social Networks

Help your church to discover all your church’s social media content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more in one convenient location.


Empower users to share app content to their favorite social networks.   Sharing brings awareness of your church and your message to all the friends and family members of your app users.


Bible and Study Tools

Connect to your favorite online Bible and Study Tools like: YouVersion, BibleGateway, BibleStudyTools, and more to give your church great resources on the go.


Designed with volunteers in mind, we went to extreme lengths to create an intuitive interface that is easy to learn and use.


When you need someone be there when it matters most, you can trust our team to help.  We are there to answer questions, give advice, hear ideas, and get your feedback.

Personalized User Settings

Give your users the ability to personalize their app experience. Users can turn on and off the types of push notifications they receive, stay signed in to their social networks for quick sharing, and create an account to transfer their settings across multiple devices.

Even More Features

Unlimited Buttons

Create as much content you want in our app menu that allows for unlimited buttons.


Integrate into your favorite map tool to show users where you are located or how to get directions.

Event Calendar

Inform users with a rich calendar experience with graphics and custom buttons.

Personalized Branding

Brand your app with your logo.

Bulletins & Newsletters

Make your bulletins and newsletters available digitally.

Photo Gallery

Share a collection of photos in a beautiful touch powered photo gallery.

Sign up Forms

Direct your users to the app to sign up instantly for baptism, classes, building requests, connection cards and any other types of forms your church uses.

Link Anywhere Online

Import any web page or web software into your mobile app.

Blogs & RSS

Navigate through your blog or rss feed in our custom reader with beautiful transitions.