A brand is always communicating something, but not all brands are communicating something clearly.  A great brand is so strong that everyone that hears about the brand can communicate their message.   Developing a strong brand is valuable to any ministry or organization looking to make an impact in their community.  Our team understands this value and can create an amazing experience around your brand that will create excitement and connection.

What Is A Brand

A brand is the collective experiences and emotions felt by each person who comes in contact with your ministry.  It is every story a person hears, the relationships they build, the conversations they have in the marketplace, the presentation of the music on Sunday morning, the postcard they receive in the mail, and more.  Every interaction both good and bad, both clear and confusing are working together to create the identity of your organization.

Logo Refresh

The logo is the centerpiece of any brand.  All the collective experiences and expectations a person has ever had with a brand will realized each time a they encounter the logo.  For this reason, it is essential to design it well.  If your organization is clarifying its message, has struggled with creating value through their logo, is starting a new chapter, is communicating a confusing message in their logo, or their logo is simply mediocre, then we can help bring strength and value back to your organization.

Brand Discovery

Let’s say you are given an axe and a challenge to cut down a tree.  Before you begin you knew that every person who has tried to cut down a tree with this axe has taken at least 2 hours to finish.  What would be your approach to the job?  The best approach would be to spend most of your time sharpening the dull axe.

Every organization has a target group of people they are trying to reach.  Some do it effectively, and some do not.  Through our Brand Discovery, our team will help you to identify your target audience, identify who you are, what you are all about, and help to teach your entire team how to communicate it.

Brand Guide

One of the worst things that can happen is for a brand to represented in the wrong way.  What took years of goodwill to create, can be destroyed in a moment.  Brand Guides protect the investment made in a brand.  They help to communicate who your band is, what your brand stands for, how it is to be presented, and how it is not to be presented.  The Brand Guide is vital to maintaining the standards every organization needs to become and stay a strong brand.

Identity Materials

The identity of a strong brand should be clearly seen in all of the materials people see.  These materials are critical in reinforcing the message.  Whether it is posters, flyers, t-shirts, business cards, envelopes, letterhead, signage or any other place your brand is being expressed, our talented designers can strengthen your brand’s identity.

Why Build A Brand

A strong brand knows who it is and is able to clearly communicate what it is all about.  Every interaction with that brand is communicating the same message and builds a strong identity.  If the message is unclear, the brand will be of no value and in many cases will create a negative value for the organization.

When your brand has a clear identity, it creates tremendous value for the organization and great expectation for all who encounter it.  Imagine expecting to enter a coffee house only to find out it you walked into the front line of a factory.  You would probably turn right around and leave.  Now imagine standing in line at Disney expecting to pay $100 for a ticket, but instead they say go on in for free.  You got to go to Disney and they exceeded your expectations by letting you go free.  You will tell everyone about this amazing moment.  Expectations that are met or exceeded create immeasurable value.  On the other hand expectations that are not met are unfortunately damaging.

A strong brand is not only attractive, but it also attracts the right people.  Once people understand the message and purpose behind your brand and their experiences line up with that message, the results are explosive.  The right people, having the right expectations, that turn into amazing experiences, creates a multiplying factor as they begin to tell others about their personal experiences.