Our highly talented design team is committed to providing designs that will amaze, inspire, and leave a lasting impact.  Whether you are looking to go traditional or contemporary, loud or stated, clean or complex, we can work together to create an amazing design that will help attract people to your church.

100% Responsive

In today’s world it is not enough to have your website look and perform great on just a desktop.  It is also not ok to make something responsive but unattractive on mobile.  Users expect a great experience on all their devices.  With ProApps Live, you can expect your website to shine on all devices including: phones, tablets, tv’s, desktops and more.

Quality Support

When the waters rise, no one wants to be left stranded on an island.  We are committed to helping you every step of the way to ensure your site always performing its best.

#1 Platform In The World

All of our websites are built on the #1 platform in the world for managing websites.  Over 76 million websites are built on WordPress or about 19% of all websites worldwide.  Wordpress is trusted by  successful companies like Sony Music, Best Buy, ESPN, Ford, New York Times, MTV, and Time just to name a few.

Our Process

Everything begins with a great plan.  Your team and our team will meet to discuss your vision and ideas.  During this phase we will take the opportunity to ask lots of questions and learn all we can about you and your church.  Once the target is clearly determined, all the content will be gathered and organized.

One of our talented designers will meet with you one-on-one to collaborate on your website’s design.  You will bring some of your favorite website inspirations and share your goals/vision for the new site.  Based on your feedback and the ideas we will also share,  we will craft a detailed design for you to see and approve before we begin building.

Design is where the magic happens.  All the hard work of preparing content, gathering ideas, and discussing vision come alive.  Our team will begin preparations to make the site to look and feel just right including fonts, colors, spacing, and other elements unique to your website.  Next each individual page on the site will be created, added to the navigation, and designed.  Finally, we will test the site and enhance it to look amazing on every device.

Great websites need to be able to be managed.  It should be both easy and convenient.  We will work with your key team members to learn how to create pages, menus, change content, and other tools that are key to managing your website.

Once the site is in your hands, our part is just beginning.  Anytime you have questions and need assistance, you can be confident you have a team that will be there for you.